Is there an answer to the old question of how to wear business attire and be fashionable at the same time? Many women in the business sector or women who wear business attire daily may often find themselves having limited options when buying their clothes. Deciding where to shop is often times swayed by income and amount thereof. Today we review one of the higher end brands to buy office attire, Hugo Boss and how they fit, the material in them, and how we can style the boring office suit.

To start off, we should begin saying that unless your position is in management and your image must always look pristine, it is not necessary to shop for a whole wardrobe at Hugo Boss. Rather than buying an entire wardrobe, it is much more reasonable to buy one suit or an outfit where you may use in very important meetings or interviews. Appearance is key and your image should definitely plan ahead before any meeting, presentation, or interview etc. Although women in business face discrimination form a male dominant environment, they should reflect on their journey from their beginning to the present and the position they envision themselves in the future. That starts with a diligent work attitude, bright ideas, and a disciplined attitude. Women break ground every day to pursue the equality in the workforce and outside of our jobs and careers into society. So, the first step to getting that promotion, or getting that bonus, you start by placing yourself in a position to be seen and heard. Women should be determined and confident, inside and out. Beginning with the Hugo Boss suits, they consist of very similar basic black and navy jackets called the Jaru, Julea, and Jabina.

They all offer a fitted and minimalist appearance. These jackets should be typically worn at meetings, presentations and other important functions in your office. It is important that the outfit matches the emotion of the function. The more serious the meeting the more serious and formal the outfit should be. The material on these jackets are all stretch virgin wool, which is a good year-round material that offers breathability in a lightweight fabric. It comes in the two dark colors for you to wear in important occasions. This virgin wool blend will keep you comfortable, as long as you find the correct size, which you should receive, assistance from a sales associate. The jacket is mainly made from virgin wool material that offers much flexibility for you to move around throughout the day and feel comfortable. It will stretch with you with normal movements and when fitted correctly will not cause any restraints of movement.

Following the jacket there are two different pairs of pants to match the jacket with, the Tiluna and Tulea. Unfortunately, these pants are offered only in black, which if you have bought the navy or open blue jacket will be a different two-toned suit. The different colored trousers and jacket may be suitable, but when meeting more conservative clients or partners, a solid color suit is preferred. Both of these pants are constructed of the same virgin wool material to offer great flexibility and comfort. The main differences in these pants are the cut; one pair is slim fit while the other pair is boot cut.

Personal preference is encouraged, but the slim fitting pair is favored between the two. The suit may be paired with a plain white blouse or a fashionable button up. This can help with confidence and boost your moral in the upcoming meeting. There are also other ways that you may use the pieces independently. The jacket may be paired with a skirt and made more casual for the weekend. Or take the jacket out at night with a dark pair of denim jeans and add a colorful blouse and high heels. Whichever the case, there are many ways to spread the cost of the suit with more possible uses of the pieces. Since the jacket is virgin wool it is completely versatile to wear with jeans, blouses, and other casual items.

Let us not forget now that Hugo Boss also offers a couple different patterned and colored suits. Hugo Boss offers the Birdseye Stretch Virgin Wool suit which is a light grey suit which is more casual but may be still be used in meetings where suits are required. The pants to match the suit are boot cut and has a very wide opening at the bottom, which will send your appearance back to the early 2000s. Not the best-looking trousers and given the jacket is very simple and has a similar appearance to the other two suits, we suggest either the black or navy suit. The next four options are very stylish for the office and will elevate your appearance. It will turn heads and rightfully so. Starting with the delightful but sophisticated, the Ashanti suit is another grey-twilled pattern suit that has the option to choose between the trousers and a skirt. The pants are a cropped fit which if accepted may be paired with canvas sneakers. And if you think that is casual, keep the jacket on it brings a formal feel, as it is a boucle jacket. If needed the skirt will add an even more formal appearance.

Similarly, there is another boucle styled suit with the Jepera jacket. It is an open grey color, which is very stunning. It a statement suit, and a throwback style inspiration. Throw on the matching pants or pencil skirt and you will turn heads from everyone in the office. This suit calls for a more relaxed day where time goes by quickly, you get your work done but also find yourself with a bit of leisure time to talk with coworkers in the kitchen and discuss happy hour drinks. The last suit offered by Hugo Boss is the Juwimea suit. A black with white accents running throughout the suit, it is another versatile suit wearable to work, and out for drinks. This suit is available to style with almost any blouse you have in your closet. The black shawl lapel jacket will highlight or blend any colors you have underneath. Suits shouldn’t be boring, and you shouldn’t feel to pressure yourself into wearing one to the office. With the right fit, color and combination, they will elevate anybody’s appearance. Find two to three suits that you love to wear and can wear at any day and to various occasions. Make sure you feel happy when wearing whatever clothes you are wearing as you bring life to them.

Lastly, do not forget that every new piece of addition is an investment and recall what you have in your closet to match and pair together.