Having a great style sometimes lies in an organized closet, where you draw your everyday pieces from. So, if you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear, shopping is not the solution. Since your wardrobe play an important role on giving you some outfit inspirations, keep on reading on how to organize your closet like a pro and make dressing in the morning effortless.

1. Design your closet to suit your preferences and space.

Decide how big or small your closet need to be. A small bedroom needs a compressed closet that can accommodate everything while retaining a feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, a bigger bedroom can even have additional storages to keep things organized. Also, take note on how you prefer to store your clothes—some women find using hangers faster than folding, while others prefer rolling the sweaters into a space. Remember, the way you design and use the space makes the difference. You may even take advantage of the Pax Wardrobe Planner tool on Ikea’s website to test out different combinations of wardrobe frames, doors, and shelves that will work for your space. If your space is narrow, you may opt for closets with sliding doors over ones with outward opening doors.

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2. De-clutter your closet by having rules about what you’re keeping and what you’re discarding.

Having a closet purge is definitely the first step in keeping your things organized. Sometimes, the problem isn’t too little space, but too many clothes, especially if you’re constantly shopping but never get rid of older items. So, take an overall look at your wardrobe and decide what stays and what goes. Start by sorting the clothes that need to be repaired, don’t fit, and you don’t wear. If you’re still hoping to fit into your favorite clothes again, remember that keeping clothes that are too small won’t make you lose weight. If you have some trendy pieces that are now out of fashion, they can be tossed or donated. On the other hand, you may keep the timeless and good-fitting pieces like trench coat, little black dress, denim jeans, leather jacket, pencil skirt, and button-down shirt that can serve you for a lifetime.

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3. Organize your clothes by colors, kind, or style.

After completing the detox process, organizing your clothes is the key to make the future days of getting dressed easier. Depending on your preference, you may organize your clothes according to colors—by hanging the black pieces on one side and bold colored ensembles on the other side of your closet—or sort them according to its kind. You may even separate your work clothes from your play clothes to make getting ready in the morning easier. By doing this, you’ll organize your closet strategically.

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4. Know which pieces to hang and which ones to fold.

Apart from letting go of the ironing job when you hang your clothes, you’ll also make them more visible. Structured blazers, dresses, skirts, and other work outfits are needed to hang to keep them neat and wrinkle-free. On the other hand, staples like sweaters, tees, tank tops, bomber jackets, and jogger pants are meant to be folded. Keep in mind that chunky knits can stretch out if you hang them, so prolong the life of your staples by folding them. You may also think of a chest of drawers that can sort out your folded clothes so there would be no more cold mornings searching for your socks.

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5. Make your daily items easy to get to.

When organizing your clothes, make sure you can easily access your daily staples easily with no digging needed. One of the closet dilemmas is re-folding clothes that you already folded once, so avoid piling folded garments too high, especially if you wear them daily. Also, hang your go-to dresses and work blazers in the front, so it will be easier for you to create outfit combinations with pieces that perfectly match. By doing this, you’ll keep your things organized without digging out half your closet every time you want to get one thing.

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6. Use a hanger trick to wear all your clothes.

If you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear, make use of a hanger trick to spot the clothes you’ve never worn. Simply hang all your clothes backward on the rod, but when you wear them, hang it up facing the front. At the end of the season you’ll know which clothes you can toss, donate, or consigned for money. Remember, hangers are one of the simplest ways to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, tidy, and easy to find. So think of investing for high-quality clothes hangers that can even protect knitwear and delicate blouses from stretching.

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7. Be creative on extending your closet storage.

If you don’t have a walk-in closet, think of file drawers or old suitcases that can be used for storage. If they take up much room, think of a functional divider that you can place in your big drawer to help organize your things as you like. If you have bigger space, you may even opt for storage boxes that double as a decoration where you can store your scarves and accessories.

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8. Create a capsule collection for seasonal clothes.

By switching out your wardrobe for the seasons, you’ll make your present wardrobe more season-appropriate and organized. This may involve packing up your summer outfits when the fall season comes, or switching where it’s located in your closet. Some storage case can be placed in a wardrobe or under the bed while protecting your clothes from dust. For instance, seasonal clothes like winter coat, puffer coat, wool coat, swim suit and such can be packed accordingly, as well as outfits that you only wear during holidays. By separating your seasonal clothes from your daily outfits, you’ll save time and space while creating a more fashion-forward style on your everyday life.

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9. Keep an eye for clothes that reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle.

Whether you have a laidback or classy style, your clothes must reflect your personality and lifestyle. If you work in a conservative or creative office, your wardrobe must consist of tailored blazers, pencil skirts, button-down shirts, sheath dresses and such. On the other hand, if you have an edgy fashion personality, leather jackets, military trousers, studded skirts, boots, and black tops are the staples in your urban wardrobe.

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10. Take stock of your exact wardrobe needs, and shop accordingly.

When you have an organized closet, you’ll be able to fill your wardrobe gap, and shop for the items you need over the items you want. Don’t just buy an item that fits just okay, but find one that you love to wear for years, instead of just a season.

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To make your wardrobe organization more seamless, take advantage of Closet Love App where you can virtually organize your closet. Simply add your own categories of outfits and shoes and you’ll make putting an outfit together a breeze. By organizing your closet like a pro, you’ll be able to get a more fashion-forward look while having a more organized life.